Rothko String Quartet

  • Joosten Ellée Violin
  • William Overcash Violin
  • Marc Kopitzki Viola
  • Jakob Nierenz Cello

“A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer. It dies by the same token." -  Mark Rothko  

The Rothko String Quartet (RSQ), consisting of Marc Kopitzki (viola), Jakob Nierenz (cello), Joosten Ellée (violin) and William Overcash (violin), was founded in Lüneburg in 2017. The latter specialized by studying early as well as new music, which gives the ensemble a high degree of flexibility in dealing with different styles of classical music and allows for diverse concert programs. Embodying this stylistic diversity, the RSQ feels it is its mission to bring the music of marginalized composers to the forefront, as well as to bring lesser-known works of classical music history to light. In addition to performing newly composed music, the RSQ is interested in dissolving the boundaries between musical genres and collaborates with producers, composers, and improvisers ranging from jazz to techno. Important partners have been the Holon Trio (jazz), Sadie Weis (visual arts), Mirna Bogdanović (jazz composer and singer), Kaan Bulak (composer) and dOP (techno band).