Between Worlds Ensemble

  • Avi Avital Mandolin, artistic director
  • Simos Papanas Violin
  • Jennifer Anschel Viola
  • Jakob Nierenz Cello
  • Uxia Martinez Botana Double Bass
  • Alex Sopp Flute
  • Gilad Harel Clarinet
  • Itamar Doari Percussion

Connecting genres, cultures and musical worlds

Between Worlds is an exploration of different genres, cultures and musical worlds created by mandolinist Avi Avital. At the center of the project is the Between Worlds Ensemble, founded by Avital in 2014, which consists of classically trained musicians who are equally at home in non-classical repertoire. For each concert this core group is joined by several artists or an ensemble representing a specific cultural and geographical region from around the world, in programs including classical pieces as well as traditional and folk music in newly created arrangements.